Hosting Policy

Hosting fees are charged per domain or subdomain name.

All Hosting accounts come with:

  • 50 email accounts included.
  • 7G per month data traffic allowance.
  • 100M disk space (1GB for Managed Accounts).
  • The ability to self-manage email accounts and mailing lists.
  • The resource quotas are in place to prevent abuses of the services provided by Minihub, so that quality of service can be maintained for all Minihub subscribers. Subscribers who require more resources than that provided by the normal hosting accounts are encouraged to contact Minihub to discuss possible solutions.


Managed and Unmanaged hosting accounts

Unmanaged accounts:

The standard hosting account is an Unmanaged account. No maintenance or servicing of the account will be carried out by Minihub technicians. The management of the account is entirely the responsibility of the account holder.

The level of Support and service provided free to unmanaged accounts includes the following:

  • Initial setup and configuration instructions and assistance.
  • Enquiries to Technical support for server or connection problems.
  • Service and support needed for problems arising from changes made by Minihub technicians to servers or systems.
  • General enquiries and service difficulties.
  • Not included:
    Manipulation, maintenance or service of website by Minihub technicians.
    Maintenance or debugging of scripts and databases deployed by account holder.

Managed Accounts:

Managed Accounts come with an extra 1GB of storage and are entitled to an additional 1 hour service work carried out at the initial setup to allow for creation of databases and installation of content management systems.