Technical Support

General Information On Setting Up Your Domain and Email.

If you already have a domain registered

  1. Go to the control panel at your domain registrar.
  2. Set the primary and secondary DNS servers to be
  3. (IP address (IP address

If you don’t have a domain registered

You must register a domain name first. Minihub is a reseller of domain names, please contact us by email if you would like us to register your domain name.

Please note that changes to the DNS delegation take some time to propagate, so it could be 24 to 48 hours before your domain at Minihub becomes visible to the internet.

Setting up your Email Accounts

Email Account Administration

To administer your email accounts and mailing lists go to

Login: postmaster@youdomainname

Password: as supplied to you by Minihub on account creation


To access your webmail use the address
Use the entire email address as the username when logging in.

Email Client (e.g., Thunderbird, Outlook, Evolution)
  • When your email client configuration asks for a POP3, SMTP or IMAP server, use: choose SSL encryption.
  • Incoming and outgoing mail servers are both
  • Other details such as the email address, username and password are as supplied by Minihub or as created by self-administration with Postfixadmin.

Incoming POP3 port 995 SSL/TLS use full email address and password
Outgoing SMTP port 465 SSL/TLS use full email address and password

Accessing Your Web Site

Your web site is available at: http://www.your_domain/ and http://your_domain/
To put your website pages on the minihub webserver, use an SCP program – set the address or hostname of the SCP program to your domain name as above.
SCP access will then require your username and password as supplied by Minihub.
The html index files are in the directory httpdocs/
Website statistics can be found at:
http://www.your_domain/stats/ (Analog) or
http://www.your_domain/stats/webdruid/ (Webalizer)

Using SCP:

Address/Hostname: your_domain_name
Username: your_username (as supplied to you by Minihub)
Password: password (as supplied to you by Minihub)

Having difficulties or need help?

Email info at minihub dot org