Minihub’s Mission

Minihub’s primary mission is to support NGOs (non-government and usually non-profit organisations) in their work. By providing affordable, secure, and independent information management and communications solutions, such organisations can take advantage of modern communications methods while retaining independent control of their own systems and data.

What is Minihub?

Minihub is an organisation formed in 1997 to develop and support electronic networking initiatives in Australia and South East Asia among community interest, human rights, environment and social justice groups. Minihub is a membership-based organisation located in Melbourne, Australia.

What does Minihub do?

Minihub offers consultancy and advisory services to organisations on electronic networking related matters. Primarily, Minihub assists in designing and setting up intranet systems based on proven Open Source software. This helps us ensure that organisations are able to retain control over their own intellectual property or data. Minihub monitors its installations to meet organisations’ changing needs.

Why Minihub?

NGOs involved in community interest, human rights, environmental or social justice work need communications systems which are appropriate to their needs. They need to network with other organisations easily, efficiently and cost effectively, to disseminate important information to the general public via the Internet, and to ensure that the data they disseminate or hold is kept secure. More importantly, in this age of social networking and the “cloud” these organisations need control over their information and the systems associated with its transfer and storage.

An organisation such as Minihub, based on non-profit and non-commercial principles, is needed not only to provide appropriate technology systems, but also to ensure full and effective empowerment of grass-roots organisations in the area of electronic networking. Minihub’s focus remains on building the capacity and skills base of local groups through developing small information delivery systems. It is only through initiatives such as this that small, non-profit groups are able to use the internet’s full potential as a medium for communication.